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Oral Sedation

Your comfort and peace of mind are our top concern. If you feel anxious or fearful about dental visits, or if you need many long procedures performed in a short timeframe, sedation dentistry may be your best option. With oral sedation, you will receive the treatment you need while under the relaxing effects of medication. Oral sedation can be a life-changing experience if you are one of the many people who avoid dental offices out of fear. With sedation, you will remember very little, or nothing at all, about your visit.
Dr. Bassiri is highly trained and experienced in sedation dentistry, which enables him to evaluate patients and determine the best sedation option for each unique situation.
We offer the following for patient comfort:

  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Conscious Sedation (various levels)
  • Patient Comfort Extras (including blankets and headphones)
  • General Anesthesia (administered and monitored by board-certified anesthesiologist)

If you need a dentist experienced in oral sedation, call Dr. Bassiri to schedule your consultation today. Our comfortable dental office serves patients from the Fairfax McLean area in Northern Virginia and the greater Washington DC Metro area. We can't wait to create and maintain your sensational smile.

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