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Emergency Dentistry in Gainsville and Fairfax

woman with toothache at dentist

A dental emergency in Fairfax or Gainesville can be a frightening situation that jeopardizes your oral health and causes you immense pain. Dr. Bassiri and the rest of our team handle such circumstances with compassion and efficiency. If you need immediate dental attention, please contact us on our emergency line at 703-372-9480.

We are equipped to offer emergency service in many situations, including the following:

An Avulsed Tooth

If a hard impact knocks one of your teeth out entirely, it is important that you get to our office within an hour or so of the incident so we have the best chance possible of being able to reattach the tooth. We may be able to splint it in place so your body can naturally reform its bond with it.

Please handle the tooth carefully on our way to our office. Touch it only by its crown (the top part) and gently rinse off any debris that is stuck to it. Keep it moist in your mouth or in a glass of milk or water until you come to us for care.

A Broken Tooth

If you bit down too hard on something or an impact breaks one of your teeth, that portion of your smile becomes more vulnerable to infection. In order to relieve your pain and prevent future problems with the tooth, Dr. Bassiri may have to perform root canal therapy and then place a crown over the tooth.

To manage your discomfort before your emergency appointment, you can take some mild painkillers (don’t place them directly on your gums) and avoid chewing on the side of the mouth where you are experiencing the problem.

A Lost Crown or Filling

Crowns, fillings, and other restorations are there to protect weak or damaged teeth. When one of these restorations falls out, you may experience extreme tooth sensitivity, and you are at an increased risk of infection. We may be able to replace the restoration so you can get back to enjoying a fully functional smile. In the meantime, it is important that you be careful with the vulnerable tooth. If you still have the crown that fell out, you may be able to temporarily reattach it with dental cement from a local pharmacy.

A Severe Toothache

There are many possible causes for a severe toothache, including infection, trauma, or an object lodged between the teeth. Dr. Bassiri can assess the situation, discover the cause of the toothache, and design an appropriate treatment plan.

Avoiding Dental Emergencies

Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. To reduce your risk of falling victim to a dental emergency in Gainesville or Fairfax, please: