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Dental Testimonials

Dr. Bassiri just completed the long procedure of providing me with a new Dental Implant. In spite of the many physical negatives of needing/having this done, the Doctor, as well as all his office workers and assistants, made the experience a VERY positive one. I would recommend him to anyone needing any type of Dental procedure. He also has a wicked good "bed-side manner!""
Brian Edward Atkin

Two years ago, I awoke from sleep with a profound headache, as I had many nights previously, but this night the pain was unbearable. My head hurt so badly I was crying, unable to deal with the pain any longer. I spent most days taking heavy doses of ibuprofen to take the edge off the pain and make it through the day. I settled myself at my computer keyboard looking for answers. I read through information on various medical sites, but was unable to find a solution easily. I knew I had bruxism (teeth grinding) and thought there may be a connection between my painful headaches and the biting and clenching I did while sleeping. I stumbled upon and began reading about neuro-muscular dentistry. I found a qualified local dentist, Dr. Bassiri, and made an appointment the next day. After my initial exam, we scheduled a visit to relax my jaw muscles and take some very high-tech readings. Dr. Bassiri explained the process as we went along and described the problem I had and how we could resolve it. With the resulting impressions, Dr. Bassiri fitted me with an orthotic device to correct my bite. Within 3 days of wearing the orthotic, I was living pain-free! I was no longer taking handfuls of pills to survive each day. Dr. Bassiri continued to refine my bite over the next several months, but the pain has never returned. The difference in the quality of life was astounding.
Living Pain-Free,
Nancy K

"For years, my consumption of sweetened coffee and soft drinks had deteriorated my teeth resulting in numerous fillings, root canals and caps. The coffee and soft drinks coupled with my years of smoking left my teeth stained and unattractive; a situation for which I became very self-conscious. Additionally, over the years my "bite" and alignment had degraded noticeably.

Dr. Bassiri's cosmetic treatment plan has restored my dental health and given me back a confident smile. My teeth look better than ever with a natural color and my "bite" and alignment have been restored. I have received many compliments and gladly relate my experiences with Dr. Bassiri's dental care.

I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Bassiri for cosmetic dentistry procedures.  Thanks to him for his sincere concern and skilled professional care."

Having worn my "new" orthotic for nearly ten months and because I no longer experience tension / stress headaches or even "sinus" headaches, nor suffer broken teeth caused by excessively hard and off-center biting and grinding, I want to thank and commend you for the excellent treatment -- neuromuscular examination and dentistry -- that resulted in such phenomenal and unexpected relief. Indeed, I have become so comfortable with the orthotic that I wear it for all but two mealtimes daily; moreover, I find it no impediment to my work as a consultant and workshop facilitator for governing boards of colleges and universities. Thank you, Michael, for your masterful work and persuasive guidance; my life is so much happier and more pleasant because of your professional competence.
Tom Longin

Before visiting Dr.Bassiri, my teeth were a mess. A lifetime of military dental care had left my mouth full of large amalgam filling in the back and composite fillings in the front- Great dentists, but they worry about function, not cosmetics. My love for coffee and use of tobacco had also taken its toll, leaving permanent stains on my teeth, especially any composite fillings. Additionally, my bottom teeth were naturally crooked and I would hide them behind my lower lip whenever I smiled.

Dr. Bassiri gave me the confidence to smile in public again. My teeth now appear perfectly straight and are a very natural white. Moreover, the materials that he used resist any staining, so I no longer need to use whitening agents or harsh toothpastes. My bite is well-aligned and comfortable, and I no longer feel occasional stress in my jaw.

I would highly recommend consulting with Dr.Bassiri about what he can do for your cosmetic dentistry needs.